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Salesforce Sales CloudRunning a productive sales team can be nerve-wracking in today’s financial climate: trying to grow your business, putting effective sales processes in place, and giving your sales reps the tools they need to be successful. In today’s hectic world, how do you give your reps more time in front of customers while getting them to collaborate and sell as a team? And how do you do everything with less money, fewer resources, and lower risk?

Many sales organizations are turning to the Internet - “the cloud” - for fast, easy access to the tools and services they need to build closer relationships with customers, without the risk and expense associated with traditional software. The cloud is connecting sales reps to information, colleagues, partners, and prospects they would never find otherwise and the Sales Cloud makes the most of this. The result: stronger connections with customers, higher win rates, and more closed deals.

The World’s Leading Sales Application

The Sales Cloud is the trusted sales application for more than 77,000 customers around the world. created the Sales Cloud to be as easy to use as a consumer Web site like The Sales Cloud helps both sales reps and managers do what they need to do: sell. Plus, get the next generation of collaboration tools with Salesforce Chatter. Stay on top of everything that’s happening in your deals, in real time, with Chatter. Updates on people, documents, accounts, and deals are pushed to you immediately in your Chatter feed.

Salesforce No SoftwareThanks to the cloud computing model, the Sales Cloud frees companies from the hidden costs, high failure rates, unacceptable risks, and drawn-out implementations of traditional CRM software. In an April 2010 sponsored survey by MarketTools, Inc., nearly 4,000 customers reported average improvements of 38 percent in forecast accuracy, 21 percent in sales win rates, 31 percent in sales productivity, 28 percent in lead conversion rates, and 26 percent in sales revenues.

Everything You need - All in One Place

Comprehensive and easy to customise, the Sales Cloud delivers information to you in real time. Whether you’re in the office, on your mobile device, or offline, in the Sales Cloud you’ll find the tools managers and reps need to improve visibility, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

  • Accounts & Contacts – Maximize sales rep productivity with a 360-degree view of each customer for deep knowledge of every account and contact.
  • Marketing & Leads – See which of your marketing efforts leads to the most sales with a single system for managing and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns from lead to close.
  • Opportunities & quotes – Have a single place for updating deal information, recording customer interactions, tracking competitors, and creating quotes. Get at-a-glance visibility on that critical deal.
  • Email & productivity – Remove the barriers to CRM by combining the desktop apps your reps already use in one spot. The Sales Cloud works seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, and Google Apps.
  • Workflow & approvals – Streamline pricing approvals to speed up your deal cycles and automate follow-up tasks to boost sales effectiveness.
  • Content library – Give your reps instant, easy access to the best sales presentations and collateral. Share what works with the team and keep reps on message and selling with confidence.
  • Real-time analytics – Get a comprehensive, real-time view of your business. Managers, executives, and reps are only a few clicks away from the insight needed to make smart business decisions and accurately estimate future sales.
  • Chatter – Collaborate on what matters most to you at work. Get updates on people, data, and documents through real-time feeds, where all the information you need is pushed straight to you.
  • Jigsaw data services – Improve your CRM data with real-time business contact info and automated data hygiene. Discover new contact data, and turn previously unusable records into new leads. and Neonex - A Strong Partnership

Step-up to today’s technology with the Sales Cloud, where work is easier and more productive thanks to across-the-board visibility, unique customization to your business needs, and improved collaboration to sell more, faster.

Salesforce PartnerThis is why the Sales Cloud is the most popular sales application among sales organizations of all sizes and as a trusted and certified Salesforce Partner and why more UK companies choose Neonex to deliver their sales force automation solutions.

As cloud computing specialists, we see the bigger picture - software should work for your business, not the other way around. We know intimately how the Sales Cloud integrates into other enterprise SaaS software including Google Apps, Box, myOneLogin and EchoSign. We are also experts at integration with legacy on-premise software.

For a free trial of Sales Cloud, more information on this or any of our other products or services, or to get a free "Move to the Cloud" consultation get in touch today.

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